“Artists are players whose masterpiece is the winning match”
André Malraux

In the history of curiosity, of antiques, of collecting  their is no definitive boundary between art and craftsmanship. Modest and unknown Florentine goldsmiths crafted objects that today are attributed to Cellini while others, considered great artist by their contemporaries, at thirty years from their death are considered talented craftsmen and nothing more.

Nowadays we consider “works of art” those that we cannot include in an exclusive category. Some examples can be considered objects consisting of multiple materials or those of a curious nature. To each one of them defines a niche market of enthusiasts and collectors, who passion is fuelled by the search for objects that are mostly rare or precious and a desire to know and safeguard the past or “relive” it through a beloved object.

I am profoundly convinced that the antiques market in the digitalised world will develop around the collection of these exceptional objects that meet today’s demands with the tastes, still in vogue, of the period during which they were created.

It is not by chance that the latest aesthetic trends inspired by a minimalist spirit have enhanced the beauty of these works that touch upon more than one art and antiques market, like furniture and rare objects that become spectacular where their actual value is downplayed in the aesthetic one. Furniture, objet de vertu, silver, bronzes, paintings, porcelains, as well as ivories, jades, corals, created by past masters in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Flanders, Spain, and Russia.

Opero prevalentemente nelle aree di Torino, Genova, Milano, Venezia, Roma e in Costa Azzurra ma posso eventualmente raggiungere qualsiasi altra destinazione.