To have a detailed list of assets that one possesses, it is possible to create an inventory: by cataloguing the objects, it contains information on the quantity, origins, characteristics and quality. It may also be used to provide the essence of a patrimony – whether it be individual, family, or corporate – and can express this through an appraisal.

If an owner possesses multiple objects, the inventory may be requested for an inheritance or for divisions, but it is also a perfectly adequate tool for safeguarding the integrity of a collection.

“Preservation is synonymous with culture. The more cultured a people, the most aware they are of the unavoidable need to preserve their assets, both environmental and historic-artistic. Protecting our heritage therefore means safeguarding a part of the image of our civilisation.”

An inventory is usually structured as follows:

  • A list of the individual objects;
  • Description of artistic characteristics;
  • Indication of the time period;
  • Indication of the area of production;
  • Description of the materials;
  • Indication of the object’s monetary value.