these pages describe the services and artistic artefacts for which I provide support.

I invite you to take the time to browse the website and read the information available, hoping that the beauty of great art will provide a welcome distraction for the uncertainty of the current world.

I remain available to know your needs and to respond to requests as quickly as possible.


I am prepared to help those who possess or wish to possess antiques and works of art and are interested in knowing their current value.

For this reason, I offer consultation and decisional support services, carefully analysing individual needs in relation to the antiques market trends.

By regularly visiting auctions, fairs, shoes, and exhibitions in Italy and abroad, I have the opportunity to draw comparisons with the world of collectors, where the expert eye can take note of emerging interests and forecast trends.

Evaluation provides or verifies the value of a work of art in consideration of its positioning on the antiques market. It carried out through a study of known variables.

Consultation is a service that makes it possible, following an examination of the objects, to decide on the service best suited to meet your needs.

The immense Italian cultural heritage is subject to a complex set of laws outlined in the Cultural Heritage Code: these laws also regulate exportation and importation.