The support of specialised laboratories in major cities makes it possible to conduct scientific studies on a work of art using analytical techniques. These analyses are aimed at the authentication and dating of the works of art, so analysing the materials they are made of and their condition makes it possible to obtain further information about the objects, contributing to a correct planning of restoration interventions and offering an objective criterion for the attribution of its value.

I follow the advancement of the scientific and technical analyses personally, verifying that they are conducted in keeping with the coherence of the data in terms of its appearance and, above all, verifying the opportunity of the analysis in relation to the value of the work.

Dating with thermoluminescence, X-rays, and CAT scans, X-ray fluorescence, radiocarbon dating, optic and electronic microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, atomic emission spectroscropy, X-ray diffraction, biological surveys, reliefs and mappings, and photographic documentation are the latest analysis systems that we can provide and compare with open data archives of institutions worldwide. All these techniques can be applied in the fields where we have specialised knowledge.