“It is not the rose, but it has lived near the rose”

Oriental saying

I have never thought about doing anything other than dealing in antiques.

When I was a child I would dream about adventures to discover lost civilisations and their treasures. So when the time came to choose the path I wanted to follow, I did not hesitate to enrol in a visual and applied arts school.

Fully aware that the expertise acquired with direct contact with the objects, during my years in high school I began learning about the techniques of working with the main materials, convinced that the study, the recognition, and enhancement of a work of art are aimed at its preservation and being able to leave it to posterity. Hence I honed my awareness of this aspects by becoming a restorer and obtaining the brand of excellence in this craft.

Given my vocation and experience, I was able to register in the Chamber of Commerce Register of Technical Experts in 2005 an later in the Court of Asti Technical Consultants for both civil and criminal proceedings. It is possible to view my sectors of expertise at: CTU research

Since 2008, I have been working as full-time expert and consultant and, as I am in the confidential fold of a prestigious clientele, I guarantee the utmost reserve.

Today I continue to consolidate and update my expertise by participating in seminars, conferences, and specialised courses to expand my cultural, technical and scientific foundations.

I continue to believe that one’s own skills and knowledge can be strengthened only by frequenting Italian and foreign markets: antiques dealers, galleries, auction houses, exhibitions and fairs. In this way I frequently make discoveries in the world of collecting, where trends or interests in objects often considered insignificant can emerge.