In the past different types of objects were created for measuring time and these nowadays flood the antiques market, piquing the curiosity of art lovers.
The first clocks were solar clocks and hour glasses with water or powders. Then towards the end of the 1200s, together with firearms, the first mechanical clocks began to appear, Ever since, these objects have evolved, giving clock-making art the perfecting of the measurements of time through the creation of complications and taking advantage of artist for the creation of cases that appear to represent the refined virtuosity of decorative arts.

The presence of antique clocks on the international antiques market is synonymous with constant and widespread interest due to a set of attractions that this type of object offers. They catalyse attention of both collectors of scientific instruments and antiques collectors in general.

In evaluating this particular type of object of art, it is necessary to take into consideration the technical and functional characteristics as well as the aesthetic aspect of the object and the artist’s signature.

Opero prevalentemente nelle aree di Torino, Genova, Milano, Venezia, Roma e in Costa Azzurra ma posso eventualmente raggiungere qualsiasi altra destinazione.