The study of nineteenth-century Italian sculpture has not yet captured the interest of scholars and experts to the extent that paintings have.

The objective artistic quality of sculptors, the incomparable technical ability, and documented testimony of an Italian nineteenth-century more important and eloquent than painting have recently given rise to a rediscovery and re-evaluation, but a growing affirmation of collection on American, British, and Japanese markets has not yet followed the Italian trend that continues to be a reflection of the foreign one rather than a beacon.

To this view, with great conviction, I am committed to appraising the work of sculptors who have worked in Italy with a wide variety of materials and who were on the forefront of all artistic currents. This is done through reports with the foundations and institutes responsible for producing “certificates of authenticity” necessary for affirmation on the art market.

Opero prevalentemente nelle aree di Torino, Genova, Milano, Venezia, Roma e in Costa Azzurra ma posso eventualmente raggiungere qualsiasi altra destinazione.