Among the categories of works that fuel the antiques market, antique furniture represents my biggest passion. A passion I have never ceased to cultivate since I was thirteen and chose to enrol myself in the Istituto d’Arte Amleto Bertoni (Amleto Bertoni Art Institute) in Saluzzo with a view to specialising in “woodworking and restoration of antique furniture”. Ever since, thanks to this interest, I have increased my knowledge several times over and have seen variations of the same object:  just think of how many different kinds of chairs there are, depending on the geographic area or the period when it was made, and yet its elementary function has never changed. Nowadays seventeenth-century furniture in carved and dark wood is no longer sought out by the market, but furniture with personality and refined craftsmanship that targets the eighteenth-nineteenth century is more popular.

With changes in trends and tastes, only one aspect continues to gratify those who buy furniture and antiques in general, beyond the times and volatility of fashions: the demand for an authentic object.


Opero prevalentemente nelle aree di Torino, Genova, Milano, Venezia, Roma e in Costa Azzurra ma posso eventualmente raggiungere qualsiasi altra destinazione.