This site is intended for those who possess or would like to possess antiques and works of art and would like to know their real value.
Our authentication services include specialisations in:  antique silver, antique arms and militaria, ceramics, frames, designer and vintage modern pieces, antique and modern paintings, lights, antique books, antique furniture, numismatics, watches, sculpture, antique and modern prints, musical instruments, antique carpets. We are highly specialised in items of Italian origins and, more specifically from the historic realm of the House of Savoy (northwestern Italy).

Following a consultation, we can help you to understand if an authentication, an appraisal, a valuation, an inventory, or a damages declaration would be more useful to you.

We work mainly in Torino, Asti, Genoa and Milan.

For the provinces of Torino and Asti, consultations do not require any obligation.

Our services

Consultations Appraisals Authentication Valuations
Following an examination of the object, the notions necessary to obtain an indication of its origins, epoch, authenticity and value are provided… Thanks to a precise and detailed analysis, a document is drafted and supported by photographic evidence that provides… A document with attached photographic documentation is drafted, after an analysis of the work, to establish its authenticity… An estimate of the value of the work of art and objects…
Inventories Damages declarations Restoration and preservation
Assistance during purchase
Drafting of a list with a brief description of the period, origins, authenticity, and indication of the value of the objects… This document is prepared to describe damage evident on an object with a view to restoring the object itself or to settling a dispute… A document is drafted that, following the declaration of evident damage, indicates a procedure to be followed and the materials… We provide assistance in selecting and purchasing works of art to ensure that the acquisition will remain as a long-term source of pleasure…
Technical analyses on the objects  Legal consultations Fiscal and tax consultations Transportation of works of art
Infrared reflectography, radiographic analyses, ultraviolet analyses, optical video microscope, chemical analyses… Divisions of inheritances, separations, damages… Tax incentives on inheritances and donations, restoration, income taxes, and registration fees… Customised care, attention and services for clients through the implementation of the latest equipment and technologies…